March 31, 2017

Teressa & Anthony – Overhills Mansion Wedding Photos

You may recognize The Overhills Mansion from the last blog post. There are so many beautiful venues in the DC (/MD/VA) area, that we typically don’t go to the same ones without a pretty decent break in between. But it just so happened that we ended up shooting Overhills Mansion wedding photos twice in ONE WEEK! Lucky for us, Overhills Mansion is a dope wedding venue and the two couples were both amazing! As you may have noticed in the last post, Rebecca & Forrest had a daytime brunch wedding (NOM). Teressa & Anthony showed us how to turn it up for an evening EXTRAVAGANZA! What a fun day! Getting ready, there was so much love and happiness in the ladies’ section of the house, while the men were having a raucous blast complete with air hockey and crown royal. Our favorite detail from this wedding was Teressa’s Madison James WEDDING DRESS! It looked like it was made just for her, and fit her perfectly. And Anthony’s face could have told you that too.

Congratulations, Anthony and Teressa!

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