April 30, 2018

Sarah & Nathan – Franciscan Monastery DC Engagement Photos

If you live in the DC area, congratulations on FINALLY making it to Spring. It was starting to feel like the winter would never end here in DC, but Sarah and Nathan brought the sunshine on the very last day April!

I met Sarah at a bridal show hosted by Sugarbakers Cakes at The Hotel at the University of Maryland (where her wedding is going to be held). She was an absolute delight and had a great suggestion for an engagement shoot: the Franciscan Monastery in NE Washington, DC. I had never heard of it, and when I looked it up, I saw how beautiful the grounds were, and then I NEEDED to do a photo shoot there. It did not disappoint! If you saw on my instagram story, you may have seen me with a cardboard cutout of the pope!

The grounds are sprawling and very unique to each part of the Monastery. The garden is beautiful with with mausoleums, benches, and even a cave that resembles one in Rome! The main garden with the arches is a dream. In fact it was so beautiful that we were stopped by a complete stranger (tourist) who asked Nathan to take a photo of her. He obliged, and then we learned that she had specific instructions for HOW he was to take the photo, and she walked at least 100 feet away to pose. In short, don’t demand a stranger take your photo and then critique them. Just say “do you mind?” then in less than 5 seconds, pose and say thank you! In any case, we then moved on and found a sweet fairy tale door behind one of the cottages. Right before the gates closed we got an epic photo them surrounded by the most beautiful tulips you’ve ever seen!

Enjoy a few from this session, and take a peek at the adorable Olivia, who was a great helper, and even took a photo!

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