November 11, 2017

Kate & Dan – Boulder Ridge Lodge at Liberty Mountain Resort Wedding Photos

Kate and Dan reached out to me back in August and we met up in my favorite local coffee shop, where I do a lot my consultations: Coffee Republic in Gaithersburg. I could go on a diatribe about how great that place and their coffee is, but that’s not what this blog post is about! As we sipped our coffees and discussed life, wedding planning, and their story, it became clear that these two were very easygoing and would be a really fun bride and groom! They told me that they were meeting with another photographer (which is common) and that one thing that they noticed in the difference between us two was my attention to detail. After several years of photographing weddings, events, and other photo sessions, I have cultivated a keen eye for things that may not be wanted in a photo (hair ties, sewer grates, other photographers sometimes) or things that could be easily fixed to enhance the photo (poofing the dress out so it’s maximum prettiness, straightening tie bars, etc.). It was a lovely compliment and made me extra proud of my work that day.

Fast-forward to their wedding day. It was a brisk 45ish degrees, windy, and the sun was hiding a bit. I came prepared with a coat, but Kate and Dan bought large quantities of “Hot Hands” for all guests, and even gave a few to me! I am really glad they were able to keep the ceremony location set to outside! I know everyone is happy on their wedding day, but Kate’s smile was so infectious, I couldn’t help but smile all day myself as a result. We had a lot of fun strolling around the venue, finding neat spots for portraits (including a climbing wall!), and they toughed out the cold to snap some awesome portraits. The reception space at Boulder Ridge Lodge at Liberty Mountain Resort is bonkers! The high ceilings, wood walls, and beautiful views were perfect. One of my favorite takeaways from this wedding was that they opted for a Maryland original confection that I have not eaten in a long time… Smith Island cakes! So many delicious flavors!

Kate and Dan’s mountain wedding was perfect and so much fun. Let it be a reminder to any 2018 fall brides that whether it’s cold or not, a wedding will always be beautiful 🙂 Enjoy a few from this lovely day!

Dress: David’s Bridal
 Florals & Decor: Blossom and Basket
Cake: Classic Bakery (Smith Island Cake!)
Entertainment and Music: Shew-sical DJ’s and entertainment
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