September 30, 2017

Courtney & Michael – Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Photos

This shoot was incredible! Obviously because of the setting (absolutely stunning and gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park), but also because of the humans in the photos! Courtney is one of Alisa’s best friends from college, and she moved across the country a few years ago, so it was a special treat to go out to Colorado and spend some time with them and Sammy (the devastatingly adorable Golden Doodle)!

A few months ago Alisa and I were scrolling through FB and there was the notification that they were officially engaged! Then they asked if we would do their engagement photos and we jumped at the opportunity to spend a lovely fall Colorado weekend with our friends!

Rocky Mountain National Park is a busy place for sure (anywhere you turn is a breath-taking view of the rockies, or Aspen trees, or something equally as lovely). We happened to time our visit with elk mating season (see hilarious snap out out the window that Alisa took of a galloping elk), which led to long traffic jams caused by folks stopping their cars to get out in the middle of the road to take elkies (duh, elk selfies). After a long day in the mountains, we headed back and had a BOMB-ASS dinner in Denver (and may or may not have demolished a cherry pie…) and bid adieu to these lovely people.

So enjoy the pics, it was a blast and we can’t wait to party down with them in September for THEIR WEDDING!!!!

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